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As a business, increasing your brand awareness and reaching new audiences is vital to ensure you continue to grow.

Here at Caravans For Sale, we have a number of products that can help you to achieve these goals:

be seen on site

We have 5 banner spaces on our website that you can use to advertise your products or services. This ensures that your business is seen by thousands of people per month, increasing your exposure and keeping your business firmly in their minds.


This is the top spot. The first thing that users see as they launch the search results page. Catch their eye with our biggest banner slot to put 1000s of eyes on your business.

MPU/Double MPU

These are seen by people at the most pivotal points of their browsing journey: on the ad details pages. This ensures the user is engaged and in the market to buy.


Slot your business into their search by appearing within the search results. There'll be no chance of missing your advert when it's nestled in between the items they're browsing.


This high impact banner is perfect for grabbing an audience's attention. It works best in short bursts over a weekend or a chosen few days. This product promises high conversion.

Custom Ad Unit

Stand out from the crowd in the search results page, catching the most active customers at their most engaged. Great for making sales and building your brand.

send a message

One of the most effective ways of reaching a new audience is to send a message directly to ours! We have an ever-growing email database that you can utilise to promote your business.

We’ll help you to design an email with powerful messaging that will encourage users to click through to your website. These sends are highly targeted, allowing you to send the right message at the right time to the right people.


Full Reporting

Customized Design

Highly Targeted

Case Study 1: Chelston Motorhomes

Chelston Motorhomes have had great success with our email service.

In the year of 2020, they sent 15 emails, reaching an average of 9,000 subscribers per send and resulting in us sending over 2,800 interested users to their website.

Case Study 2: Phantom Tracking Systems

Phantom Tracking Services have also seen an influx of customers coming from our email database. 

Their emails have been opened by over 15,000 Caravans For Sale members in 2020 with a 6% click to open rate.

Tell your story

Our busy blog platform is visited by thousands of caravan enthusiasts each month, looking for more information about the industry. Use this space to tell your story!

With our editorial package you get a chance to really shout from the rooftops about what you have to offer. Whether it’s an article promoting your latest product or an advice piece to highlight your expertise, it will give our audience a chance to learn more about you.

Once your editorial is live on the blog, we’ll also promote it across social media, to our email subscribers and using on site banner space and PPC advertising – giving it the best chance of reaching the largest number of interested people!

Case Study 1: Transporter Energy

Transporter Energy worked closely with our team to create the perfect editorial for our audience, tailoring the content to suit a caravan audience.

This resulted in over 1,000 people reading the article over the space of 10 days.

Tell us what you need

We understand that every business is different and it might not be as easy as just picking one of the options above. This is why we’re happy to create custom packages to ensure we are hitting all of your business objectives and delivering you the results that you need.

Call us for a consultation to help us understand what you want to achieve so that we can tailor our services to your goals.

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